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Key Issues

There are several issues facing the Eyelash Extension industry. The AEA is on a mission to bring change that will be fair to all Eyelash Extension Professionals and Educators. Together, members have an opportunity to work together to establish solutions to maintain professional security.


Currently, Texas is the only state that offers a specialty license for Eyelash Extension Professionals. Every state has different requirements for cosmetology professionals. Varying differences are making it possible for non licensed professionals to perform the service with out regulation. A specialty license for professionals with a developed, comprehensive educational program that is cohesive with cosmetology industry standards will ensure professional and public health and safety.

* A specialty license for Eyelash Extension Professionals and Eyelash Extension Educators will NOT affect requirements already established for licensed Estheticians or Cosmetologists.



Education and proper  training need advancement. The service of Eyelash Extension application takes skill and practice. Most classes currently offer an 8 hour training leaving it up to professionals to perfect application beyond training without guidance. Antiquated methods of training are still being taught by some. As professionals gain product knowledge professional development must be refined. New artists to the industry are seeking information in settings that are not a proper platform for professional education.

* Educators need advanced education and practical experience to properly train professionals.



Professionals are seeking information and doing research personally, most  are not being properly credited for their information and contributions to the Eyelash Extension Industry. Products are being purchased and used improperly on the public. Business transactions are lacking professional ethics.

The American Eyelash Association is building a community of professionals to address key issues. Joining forces we can work together harmoniously towards resolution. In a new league of professionals we can create balance to achieve the highest level of overall success.


The American Eyelash Association is working with legislators in Illinois to fashion reasonable and appropriate regulations for the safety of consumers as well as the professional security of Eyelash Extension Professionals.

The American Eyelash Association is helping Lash Professionals replicate this process in other states across the country. National uniformity will help sustain industry innovation and individual member success. United we can change an industry!

Laws vary from state to state.  If you are an Eyelash Extension Professional we will help your state come together. The American Eyelash Association needs leadership and members who are committed, working together with professionalism, towards strengthening the eyelash industry one state at a time.

Illinois Update: Representative Dan Burke introduces legislation regulating eyelash application

Cites Health and Safety Concerns in Unregulated Industry  View the Press Release

View the Bill  HB3655


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