A New League of Professionals. 



The American Eyelash Association is a movement of change, advancement, and betterment to legitimize our lash industry as a profession. The AEA is a higher league of lash professionals determined to raise standards and awareness in order to establish what it means to be a qualified lash extension technician and/or educator in the eyes of clients and lawmakers both state and nationwide.

Every state and every country has its own perimeters for who can and can’t perform eyelash extension application. This unbalance not only devalues our industry but it can ultimately derail it. We see this everywhere in a saturated market full of improper education and misinformation. This problem affects us all because it puts both our clients and careers at risk. But, we can work together to find a solution!

Our vision is to create regulations and programs specific to the foundational development and professional growth of all artists within our industry. Doing this with solidarity will elevate our entire community and guarantee that every professional who performs the service is properly trained and licensed.

Having a higher platform of education and setting a higher level of guidelines will ensure the safety of lash professionals and consumers. With regulations that require theoretical and practical requirements, our industry will be recognized as a legitimized profession and not just a trend. We can make this difference together!

The journey has already begun and here’s how you can join. Become a member and commit to the profession that we all know and love. Just as there’s power in lashes, there is power numbers as well. Being a part of AEA is about building the foundation of an association established by lash professionals for lash professionals.

There are different ways to be involved. You can simply be a member who supports the vision or you can actively participate on an AEA Committee and represent as a professional on a mission to build a future for many.

AEA has 3 committees: advocacy, education, and networking. The Advocacy Committee works with legislation to establish guidelines for the safety of consumers and professionals. The Education Committee spreads the word for professional members to gain educational opportunities. AEA will be highlighting quality programs for Technician & Educator Development by setting standards on qualifications and practical experience. The Networking Committee establishes opportunities for professionals to come together, build relationships, and share a passion for lashes with other like-minded professionals. We value committee members for their dedication to serving the industry.

The time has come for lash professionals to join as a united force to take ownership of our destiny and pave the way for future professionals. We believe in a future that includes technician and educator programs established by those committed to exploring every aspect of this amazing service. Just as Estheticians and Nail Techs before us, the time is now for Lash Techs and Educators to be recognized by opening the eyes of the nation on the importance of having solid educational foundation and being a legitimized profession.


American Eyelash Association

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