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About Us

Who We Are

The American Eyelash Association (AEA) is national coalition of professionals and educators dedicated to moving the industry forward with the highest standards. The mission of the AEA is to cultivate trustworthy relationships to conduct professional, ethical business and facilitate mutually benefitting opportunities for all members and affiliates.

The headquarters of the American Eyelash Association are based in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. In the center of the country, our job is to create balance and establish the ‘Chi’ in the Eyelash Extension Industry.

What We Do

  • Advocacy & Legislation
  • Certification & Continuing Education
  • Networking & Coalition Building


CEO – Sunnie Ullo -Sunnie has been a Licensed Professional since 1995. Business owner since 1999- current. Lash Artist since 2006. Trained with 3d, Lashologist Council, BAALA, Lash Mastery Certified Lash Extension Educator, NM Beauty, ADFEE Certified/ Proctor.

General Manager – Emily Brown – Emily has experience working with non profit organizations and currently a Board Member for the state-wide professional organization Wisconsin Association for Environmental Education (WAEE). She is completing her Masters Degree in Environmental Education.

Controller – Linda Wegge -Linda is a tax accountant. Enrolled agent. Accredited tax advisor. Accredited tax preparer. Federally licensed tax preparer with 35 years of experience. EA, ATA, ATP, FLTP

Communications Advisor – Rebecca Keithly -Ms. Keithley has worked extensively in the public sector and is currently an attorney and public policy analyst with the City of Chicago.  Through her experience with various state and local agencies she has gained comprehensive knowledge of Illinois’ regulatory affairs.  She holds both an MBA and a JD as a graduate of Loyola University Chicago School of Business and The John Marshall Law School. Ms. Keithley also obtained her undergraduate degree in international finance from Loyola University of New Orleans.

General Counsel – Michael J. Synowiecki – Michael practices at the state and local levels of government on a wide variety of matters.   Mr. Synowiecki is familiar with the legislative process and has advocated on behalf of various entities. Mr. Synowiecki has assisted various businesses with respect to government compliance and procurement related issues. Mr. Synowiecki is registered to lobby on behalf of clients before the State of Illinois, City of Chicago and County of Cook. Michael is a member of the Illinois Bar and a graduate of the John Marshall Law School.

Board of Directors 2015 - 2016

The founding Board of directors is comprised of professionals with varying degrees of professional experiences working with multiple educators, trained in both Classic & Volume, and non profit association experience. AEA has chosen professionals from coast to coast to work together to create cohesion.

1. Sunnie Ullo – Illinois

2.  Lynn LaPalermo – Illinois

3.  Amy Young – Ohio

4. Jenelle Paris – Connecticut

5. Leah Lynch – Massachusetts

6. Stefani Altieri – New Jersey

7. Ellie Malmin – Florida

8. Shelly Swift – Florida

9. Linda Wegge – Illinois/Treasurer

10. Aimee Rodriguez – Texas

11. Julie El-Aghil – Oregon

12. Kim Filion – Washington

13. Emily Brown – Wisconsin

•    *Officers – term of office (1) year

•    Directors – serve (2) year term

•    13 people max on Board

The Board of Directors will work with the Staff and Committee Leaders of the American Eyelash Association to establish solutions for Eyelash Extension Professionals & Educators. If you are interested in a position working on a committee, please Email AEA.

American Eyelash Association

P.O. Box 600, Medinah, IL 60157

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